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Things About Me.
Seneca Paula
My name is Casey. I am a boy. I am 19 years old and I live in Delaware; have all my life.

Here's me as a kid:

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I'm in the top row, 4th from the left. LOL look at all those 90's haircuts.

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Me and my dad. :]

So anyway, I graduated high school in May 2009. I went to Delaware State University for a semester-and-a-half, studying fashion. I realized it was only an interest, not something I'd like to spend my life doing. So I am going to Delaware Tech in the fall for nursing.

Now, I'm spending my days working at Spencer's where I am a lowly sales associate making $7.25 an hour. They give me really good hours though so my paychecks aren't always disappointing. I also pass time by taking pictures and reading ONTD.

I love all sorts of music, Lady Gaga, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Santigold and Evanescence being my top five favorite artists to listen to.

I have three animals: two dogs and a hamster.

I have a pitbull named Zeus. He's pretty cool. Here's him:
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I also have a schweenie (half shih-tzu, half dachshund). Her name is Hannah:
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And finally, I have a cute Russian hamster called Boris. He's an adorable fat little fucker who prefers to sleep in his wheel instead of his comfy cozy blue igloo:
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So anyway, that's my life up to now. I'll hopefully be updating this a lot. See you then. :D


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